Online Graphic Tools

Safely use of online graphic tools

When it comes to graphic design, people would often recommend the use of software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. These are great options, but not everyone wants to pay a hefty sum to download a massive program that requires a lot of processing from your computer. Thus, it may be the perfect time to utilise online graphic design software.


As its name implies, this graphic design software makes it easy for both beginners and professionals to accomplish their tasks — all without having to leave the Internet browser. If you barely have any budget for the task, that’s completely fine. DesignWizard offers a free basic plan where you can resize images and buy templates for just a dollar each.

The next plan costs $7.41 every month, but it gives you so much more features. You can upload both images and fonts to DesignWizard. In addition, there are 60 free credits for purchasing images. The Pro Plan also offers customer support, a lifetime license, and the ability to publish your works on social media. If you want more for you and others, then the Business and Enterprise Plans are good bets.

With DesignWizard, you can also work on your logo designs and create color palettes based on your own preferences. The site provides amazing visual content to help you get motivated and inspired — check out more than a million images and let your ideas flow. There’s no need to worry about copyright issues. Everything in the DesignWizard library is allowed for commercial use.

If you’re working on a social media ad or a page for a print magazine, you can save time by choosing a pre-made template. There are thousands available here and they are easy to decorate and customize. Each and every aspect of the template can be edited to your heart’s content.

Pixlr X & Pro

Pixlr Express is arguably one of the best online options if you wanted to crop and edit a photo. Many people use it to make collages and add captions to their images. But Pixlr knew that there was always room for improvement. Now, they have Pixlr X and Pixlr Pro — two top-notch graphic design tools that promise quick and quality editing.

You can use the Pixlr X app even if you’re new to graphic design. All the tools are easy to spot. If your photo has a terrible background, you can remove all of it. Any blemishes and duplicate sections can be taken care of. You also have the option to resize images and add text. Designers can play with their designs by adding doodles and scribbles.

Pixlr X encourages experimentation. Use all the overlays and shapes you want. Pick a border. It’s okay if you’re not used to all the editing tools. You can always undo the last action taken or get rid of a specific layer. Moreover, the filters available in Pixlr Express are in Pixlr X as well. The program even allows you to switch from light mode to dark mode, which is great for designers working late at night in the dark.

Then there’s Pixlr Pro, which is available for $22 a month but is currently offered at just $5. This version of Pixlr offers what any professional would want in online graphic design software. It offers a multitude of effects, filters, and at least 200 premium fonts. There are more than 10,000 templates and a million images available — and nearly every Internet browser works with Pixlr Pro.

Risks in using digital design tools

While online design apps are convenient to use, they aren’t immune to cybersecurity issues. You have to watch out for any pop-up or banner ads on these websites. If it asks you to click them or it tells you you’ve won something, stay away. It’s most likely malware — or at least a link to a page brimming with computer viruses. Be wary of ads and try using an adblocker when you use these tools.

You should also check if the website has an HTTPS version. If it only uses the HTTP application protocol, it doesn’t have the encryption features to protect your browsing habits. This isn’t good, especially if you’re planning to buy digital templates or images using your PayPal account or credit card. On a related note, get a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your online activities.

In the end, online graphic design apps are fantastic options to have for designers on the go. With them, you can go back to your project even if you switch from your laptop at home to the office computer. Just remember to secure your connection and to be wary of malware and hackers. This way, you can focus on work early without a hitch.