What is adobe flash used for?

Flash is a popular authoring software that was initially created by Macromedia. Today, the software is developed and distributed by Adobe Systems Inc. More than a decade ago, Adobe Flash made it easy for users to watch videos and listen to music through their browsers. It also helped in the introduction of casual online gaming, as such, it is safe to say that Adobe Flash made way for the development of gaming apps. Millions of websites use Flash to enhance user experience. However, the development of new technologies has provided better and safer ways to do most of what Flash does.

Does that mean that Adobe Flash is not safe?

This software has been criticized for compromising computer security and introducing bugs to users’ computer and making it easy for hackers to attack computers. Thus, you ought to use tools such as VPN flash player to surf anonymously and prevent hackers from attacking your computer. 

What is Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is a software platform that is comprised of various technologies including:

  • Flash Professional
  • Flash Builder
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
  • Flash Player
  • Flex

The latest version of this software is available for multiple desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. You can get the Flash Player plugin for free if you have the latest version of web browsers for the compatible desktop platforms mentioned earlier. The plugin versions are backward compatible with Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

What are the uses of Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is used for the following purposes:


In the early 2000s, Flash was used to enhance the user experience by displaying interactive online games, web pages and to playback video and audio content. Adobe Flash uses SWF, a format for running vector-based animations on the web, which can play as they download and adjust to different sizes and resolutions. This software is useful on the internet because of its speed and its smooth way of displaying graphics. Once files are created or downloaded, one can use Flash to play them either as a browser plugin or standalone application. Some websites such as YouTube have switched in HTML5 format and have retained Flash-based video players for old web browsers.


Flash Professional is used for animation design and creation. Flash 4 allows web designers to import artwork using various illustration tools or bitmaps. It also allows them to create animation and special effects, as well as add sound effects and interactivity to them.

Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are data-driven applications which were formed when developers combined the programming and visual capabilities of Flash, producing interactive experiences and applications for the web. These applications deliver rich, superior, broad, and consistent user experiences across browsers and devices. They also require less support, which increases ROI for customers.

Despite the potential security risks it poses, Adobe Flash Player is still widely used. You can enable it or disable it when need be. Most importantly, employ tools that will decrease security risks when using it.